I'm available for consultation and delivery work on a range of creative, innovation or management projects. If you would like to work together on a project, or just ORGANISE a chat, you can find the information you need in the sections below.

Creative/marketing projects

I have worked on creative delivery, arts projects and marketing campaigns for a variety of organisations. I am available to offer consultation, management, delivery and support for any projects in this area. If you would like to find out more about my creative consultation work, you can view this at the Gravitas Studio website

Innovation projects

I have worked on innovation strategies, prototyping and training for brands across the globe. I am available to offer consultation on any innovation project regardless of what stage of development it is at. All my innovation work is complete as part of my role as partner at The Edenic Group.

SCHEDULE a meeting

Use the tool below to find an available time to book a consultation or a general meeting. Locations will be organised via email separately.


I am an award-winning creative director and innovation consultant from England. I work with various creative agencies, brands and art organisations to develop and deliver break-through creative and innovation concepts.

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